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09.12.2016 // Update 9/11

Blackboard on draw business planning - business strategy concept.

Before we get into our update, I’d like to say thank-you to all the first responders and men and women in our military who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.  Watching 9/11 unfold live on CNN seems like just yesterday and yet it was 15 years ago… Unreal.  

Summary: Light Redesign Complete!

Details:  I know we are terribly overdue for this update as well as our Instagram site launch.  My only defense is that we’re really busy with final system testing and with a hundred other things but it’s no excuse.  I promise to be better as we move forward and head into shipping.  

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06.16.2016 // Update : 6/16

Christmas Santa Elf Stressed


Summary: First Production Batch remains on schedule for an August shipment.  If you haven’t already secured your spot I’d encourage you do so soon.

Details:  Tomorrow we’ll be accepting delivery of 500+ Delta Power supplies… Poor little guys have been on a boat for almost a month.  I know myself and the rest of the team can’t wait to help unload and then inventory all those wonderful little silver boxes.  If you’re around Pearl Street in Boulder, feel free to come buy and lend us a hand.

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