Why Modular Systems Kick-Ass


Here at GRO.io we love modular over non-modular. It’s been part of our design ethos since day one and we wanted to share with you why we feel so strongly about it;

Btw, we struggled with the word ‘non-modular’ for over an hour.. It feels a bit awkward but nothing else fit (static? fixed?…).

When it comes to indoor growing (and just about everything else) one-size does not fit all. Each grower has their own needs and requirements. Three plants? Six plants? Twelve plants? (Shh, it’s a super-secret we’ll be announcing in the next few weeks:) Whatever your specific goals may be modular systems work better to meet them.

Alright, truth be told cutting edge grow tech like GRO.io isn’t what you’d call cheap but by making it expandable we’ve also tried make it more affordable. Take our three plant starter system for example, you can always add more buckets and even more light bars…while still starting with a highly sophisticated and advanced growing solution.

We always recommend that new growers start small and grow big. It’s cool to grow six monster plants but it’s cooler to know you could start with three and add more when you’re ready. The opposite can be true as well, you grew six last time but only want three your next grow.

Beyond scale modular also let’s you swap out system components more easily. Did you start out with a small 3 plant grow and are now ready to move into a big-ass 24 plant/site Ebb & Flow system? No problem.

Future Proof
Technology moves crazy fast and that goes even for agg tech. A good example of this is LED lighting. It just keeps getting more powerful, cheaper and cooler.. And our modular light design makes it very simple for us to keep tapping into those advances while not making you buy all new stuff.

So now you know a little more about the goals we had that pushed us to go modular. Or maybe it was our deep love of Lego blocks… Has anyone ever made a bucket out of Lego? Probably not 🙂

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