Update : 6/16

Christmas Santa Elf Stressed


Summary: First Production Batch remains on schedule for an August shipment.  If you haven’t already secured your spot I’d encourage you do so soon.

Details:  Tomorrow we’ll be accepting delivery of 500+ Delta Power supplies… Poor little guys have been on a boat for almost a month.  I know myself and the rest of the team can’t wait to help unload and then inventory all those wonderful little silver boxes.  If you’re around Pearl Street in Boulder, feel free to come buy and lend us a hand.

We also expect to have a fairly good sized shipment of production ‘First Article’ LED light bars depart China over the weekend and arrive early next week.  Those will be a lot more exciting to test and play with than the power supplies.  We revamped our bar-to-bar connectors to use RJ12 and need to put those through some testing cycle.  What does bar-to-bar even mean?  Glad you asked.  Our light bars are really three lights in one, a separate white LED light, red LED light and blue LED light…. Each controlled individually through software and elfin magic (ok, not elf magic, but sometimes it seems like it).   What that enables you the grower to do is dial in custom spectrum mixes of light, easily optimizing for any growing phase and plant type.  So the control signal for all three channels needs to be passed from bar to bar…using an RJ12 cable and connectors.  Clear as mud, right?  We’re working up a nice explainer video on this which should post on the site in the next two weeks, but for now just believe me you, it’s cool.  

Do you like my elf photo above?  Full disclosure, I bought myself a subscription to iStock photos and you’re going to see all kinds of awesome (and horrible) stock photos on my posts.  I couldn’t chose between the one I used above and this one below, what do you think?

Colourful portrait of a serious blond modern Elf woman
Even funnier, check out this image description that’s include on the download.  “”Colourful portrait of a serious blond modern Elf woman”  If you look up ‘Elfin’ on the internet it actually says “Small and delicate, typically with an attractively mischievous or strange charm.”… I don’t think they read the same thing I read.

Happy Thursday everyone.  I’m out.


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