Update : 6/24

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Update 6/24

Summary: First Production Batch remains on schedule for an August shipment.  

Details:  Lot’s of activity this week to share.  We received a shipment of 1,000 water level sensors, placed the production order for our LED diffuser plates (2 week lead time) and have been working directly with our printed circuit board manufacturer in China to finalize their upcoming production run.  Light samples arrived as scheduled and will be going through QA testing starting on Monday.

The only small hiccup this week was with our buckets, which we’ve changed from a dark grey to black.  You’d be amazed how long it takes a factory to make plastic custom colored dark grey buckets.  Black is a ‘stock’ color and so it’s helping us reduce that lead time and schedule risk.  

Oh, we’re also at a decision point for the logo on our custom metal cases. I really like a slightly embossed gro.io logo on the front aluminum but we’ve yet to get a quote on that die stamp and time is ticking :).  It’s easy to just go with a sticker, but I love good design and stamped embossing looks so nice!

Finally, we’ve implemented a nifty new “Live Chat” option on our website.  If you have any questions about the system, ordering, pricing… or just feel bored and want to chat, click it :).  

Photo of the Week : True story… while I was walking to a meeting at our new office space off Pearl Street in Boulder a convoy of black sedans and SUV’s rushed past me and into the alley.  Seems the Dalai Lama is in town and right next door to us at the Boulder Theater he was attending an “Audience with his Holiness”.  My photo below was sort of crappy as his security team kept us from getting close, but I could FEEL his presence just the same… or maybe it was the presence of Oddjob his bodyguard there on the right.

Oddjob Guards The Dalai Lama
Oddjob Guards The Dalai Lama – I think he left his hat in the car.


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