Update : 7/1

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Summary: First Production Batch remains on schedule for an August shipment.  If you haven’t already secured your spot with our Pre-Order offer I’d encourage you do so soon.  

Details:  We continue to take delivery on a wide range of system components, with our custom laboratory grade pH and EC probes arriving today in 14 boxes.   The printed circuit board production samples have also completed their testing phase and we’re working to schedule our first large production order.  The lead time on those is typically 4 weeks which will put them in our hands end of July and just in time for building our first order runs.  

The new challenge we have is with our office space.  The pace at which the contractors are moving is stunningly slow.  We had hoped to be in 3-4 weeks ago and we’re still waiting on the basics to be complete (paint, carpet…).  The good news is the space is looking awesome, we’ll have plenty of room for assembly, test, shipping, support…I’ll try and post some photos later in the week.  

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!  



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