Update 7/20


Summary: New office space is (sort of) operational !  

Details:  Our big progress this week was getting into our office and lab space.  It’s been an extremely challenging journey..and it’s not done yet (still waiting on internet, desks, final plumbing…) but it’s operational enough for us to move into and be productive.  

We’ve also made some changes in the past two weeks to both our PCB assembler and sheetmetal (custom case) partner.  Both changes should help upgrade our capabilities and be a good thing but that will be verified in the next two weeks as production samples are received and tested.

Finally, our lights are going through some tiny, but significant design upgrades.   Based on grower feedback (shout out to Youtube star GrowMau5 ) we researched/tested and selected an upgraded Cree XP-G3 white LED package.  We’ve also adding some additional thermal and load protection circuitry as well as a control buffer for future flexibility.

Btw, I believe we will be moving future Production Updates to our Community (GroLabs) website so if you haven’t yet visited or joined I’d encourage you do that soon.

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