Bigger is Better


Using Ebb & Flow to Scale the Platform to 12-24 Plants

When we first sat down to design the platform our goal was to build something that anyone could use to grow with great results.  We wanted to make it both easy-peasy (for the newbie grower) and really damn good at what it did (to please the experienced grower).

Part of that design process was selecting the right hydroponics style out of many available options.  We settled on a hybrid, crossing Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) system with the best aspects of an Ebb & Flow system.

Plants in the standard system sit in a nutrient rich water solution that is circulated on a scheduled basis, but they also can take advantage of the oxygen boosting benefits of Ebb & Flow with additionally scheduled cycles of complete water flushing and refilling.  The user can even define the duration of hold times between the flush-to-fill ensuring their root systems obtain the maximum fresh air oxygen bath possible.

Everything works extremely well but some trade-offs were made, namely scale.  Our built-in circulation pump is sized to circulate about 20 gallons of water at a time, enough for a six plant grow.  But what if you wanted to go more?, Say 12 or 24 plants?

Fortunately we’ve found a great solution, Ebb & Flow…..

Ebb and Flow systems don’t circulate their water the same way recirculating deep water systems do, instead they fill and then drain the buckets or tray where the roots live, mimicking the ocean’s tide as it ‘ebbs out and flows back in’.  

Even better, they have their own pumps to do this…

This created the perfect hydroponics marriage…’s advanced dosing technology with just about any Ebb & Flow system. Essentially we’ve combined the best aspects of both systems into a highly scalable solution.  

And, we’re pleased to report that our testing has proven the hub is capable of balancing the pH and nutrients (EC) requirements of a 60 gallon reservoir.  That’s the reservoir size used by a typical 12 or 24 plant site Ebb & Flow system.  

The best part is you don’t lose anything… in addition to full dosing automation, you enjoy all the benefits the platforms provides;

  • Network Connected
  • Mobile App Control
  • Customized Programs
  • Cloud-Based Notifications
  • Complete Data Collection
  • Full Lighting Control


And we don’t think scaling stops there… We’re currently evaluating the ability for a single Hub to control and dose two or possibly three different 60 gallon reservoirs.  

Do the math.. we will soon be scaling every Hub to support 48-72 bucket site systems.
Now go calculate the ROI on one grow 🙂 . Why would anyone buy a cute box to grow a single plant?

Bigger is better. 

It’s not everyday you can take a platform that starts with 6 plants and overnight scale it 4x (or more) but that’s the inherent benefit of a connected technology based platform such as ours.  

If you’re interested in joining or Ebb & Flow system beta (12-24 plants) live chat us on the website or shoot us an email .  

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