Update 9/11

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Before we get into our update, I’d like to say thank-you to all the first responders and men and women in our military who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe.  Watching 9/11 unfold live on CNN seems like just yesterday and yet it was 15 years ago… Unreal.  

Summary: Light Redesign Complete!

Details:  I know we are terribly overdue for this update as well as our Instagram site launch.  My only defense is that we’re really busy with final system testing and with a hundred other things but it’s no excuse.  I promise to be better as we move forward and head into shipping.  

As some of you know by now the biggest challenge we faced in the past few months involved our LED light design.  The first samples we received from our manufacturing partners just didn’t meet the high bar we’ve set.  With that came the difficult decision to do a complete redesign of our lighting PCB board.  I say difficult because that pushed our shipping date back 4-5 weeks and into October.  

The good news is our updated design rocks and the delay was well worth it… Our first working samples arrived last and passed all tests.  The new light design is much improved in a number of ways, and I’ll be working up a future blog post on exactly what those are.  


The other good news is our Instagram account is now up and running.  This was something we promised weeks ago so we’ll be making it up to you with LOTS of weekly photos and behind the scene peeks at our testing and production process.  You can find and follow up here https://www.instagram.com/gro_io/  

Alright, back to a late night session of pH dosing algorithm tuning… fun stuff!

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